Mansonville Plastics (BC) Ltd is a registered official depository for used EPS materials for recycling, covered by license under Business Category 685, as a Recycling Facility.

Bring your excess EPS to Us...

We encourage both consumer and businesses that have recyclable EPS to return it to our facility. Because of the enormous cost of recycling, we would ask that all EPS being returned must be clean. Please remove any glue, paper, wood or staples, etc., from the packaging before returning.

Products for recycling may be brought to our facility during the following hours:

Monday - Friday 9:00AM to 4:00PM

We accept recyclable EPS free of charge
What We CAN Recycle
styrofoam products we recycle click on image to enlarge
#6 Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam plastic that is clean and dry.

Note: We only recycle #6 FOAM PLASTICS at this time.
What We CANNOT Recycle
styrofoam products we cannot recycle click on image to enlarge

Polystyrene products such as cups, plates, meat trays, egg trays, packaging peanuts and non-foam polystyrene plastics such as yogurt containers, silverware and plastic bags are non recyclable at our facility at this time. Please check our site in the near future for changes to this restriction.

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