Mansonville Plastics (BC) Ltd has been British Columbia’s lead in introducing and manufacturing Expanded Polystyrene since 1959. We have helped pioneer new and innovative ideas for our EPS products.

Mansonville Plastics (BC) Ltd is pleased to be working with the Building Science Centre of Excellence at BCIT for new and improved methods of energy conservation. As always, we are committed to support "green" building technology.

Expanded polystyrene is a light-weight, resilient, closed cell, foamed plastic ideally suited to all types of building projects where rigid insulation is needed.

Our EPS product line has the trademark of "Korolite™" and has been used in construction for foundations, walls and tapered roofs for both commercial and residential buildings.  For over 50 years, Korolite™ can easily satisfy any thermal requirement for perimeter and walls in a variety of systems – flat, slab or tapered sheets.

With its low cost, versatility and the highest R-Value per dollar, Korolite™ EPS rigid insulation is preferred by home builders, architects, specifiers and insulation application contractors all over North America. For specified applications, Korolite™ EPS rigid insulation meets or exceeds your building code requirements. Another application where Korolite™ EPS is used is as Geofoam voiding which is used under roadbeds on highways that span over marshy ground. Mansonville also provides Korofloat™ EPS for use in flotation for marinas, fish farms, and floating homes.

EPS FOAM stock EPS closeup large EPS column


  • Stable long term R-value, no thermal drift
  • Unaffected by water and water vapor
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Does not contain CFC, HCFC, of HFC blowing agents
  • EPS is inert
  • Simple to cut and shape with common tools
  • Clean, odorless, non irritating to skin
  • Does not support mildew growth
  • Building code recognized
  • Cost effective


Lower residential energy use translates into fewer emissions and reduced Global Warming potential.

EPS Energy Savings

Information for this table was supplied by the EPS Molder Association. Click here for the full report on Expanded Polystyrene Reduces Global Warming.


Roofing Insulation Layout

Our modular tapered system designed to provide positive drainage of water and insulation of flat commercial roofing applications.

Mansonville Plastics (BC) Ltd was the first company in Canada to successfully develop a computerized design software to design your roof slope needs.

Each panel (made from EPS foam insulation) is 4' x 4' (1.2192m x 1.2192m) with thickness and taper as per your requirements

We provide you with a complete set of color coded drawings showing where each panel is to be placed. Our computerized cutting lines ensure each Koroslope™ EPS panel is cut to match the drawing and each Koroslope™ EPS panels marked in the same color as the drawing for easy installation.

This tapered roof system has been proven in new and reroof applications throughout Canada and the USA.


Geofoam overpass

Easily the fastest growing market in our industry, Korolite™ EPS Geofoam is used in applications where lightweight fill material is required, such as under highways, bridge abutments, embankments and structural fill, median and sound barriers.

Korolite™ EPS Geofoam is only approximately 1% of the density of soil, yet can be designed to be sufficiently strong enough to support road, rail, and aircraft loading. It has been used in applications around the world for over 30 years.

Korolite™ EPS Geofoam is available in several densities and sizes to fulfill your custom requirements. Using Geofoam can maximize onsite installation. The blocks arrive at the site prefabricated and ready to install per pre approved drawings. The blocks can be installed regardless of weather conditions. If custom fitting at the site is required, this is easily accomplished.

geofoam installation geofoam installation in progress

Korolite™ EPS Geofoam is a very efficient thermal insulator. Considerable savings can be realized when geofoam is used in pavement applications where frost-heave conditions are present. Geofoam can also be used for frost-protected shallow foundations construction without the need for a basement or crawl space to meet frost depth requirements.



Another product that is popular for landscaping is Korovoid™ Geofoam, which is lightweight void fill for use under sidewalks, against foundations as well as over underground parking.


Korodrain is a molded expanded polystyrene panel. It consists of grooves and holes to provide drainage in landscaped surfaces such as garden planters. Concentrated landscaping loads are greatly reduced due to its lightweight construction. Ex: 3" (7.62 cm) of drain rock over 1,000 sq ft (92.903 m2) would weigh approximately 25000 lbs (11339.809 kg) as compared to 1000 sq ft (92.903 m2) of Korodrain weighing 150 lbs(68.038 kg) .

void fill panel landscaping load substrate

-Each panel is 24" x 48" x 3" (60.96cm x 121.92cm x 7.62cm)
-Compressive Strength:  min 15 psi or 100kPA
-Water Absorption: 4% Max. by Volume

Another example usage of KORODRAIN is for a Roof Top Patio

rooftop drainage

The benefits:

  • Proper drainage of water to roofdrain
  • Drains will not clog
  • Improved air circulation, having good cross ventilation, eliminating condensation
  • Accomodates easy installation of any tubing (for electrical wiring for rooftop lighting etc.) to be installed
  • Creates better R value
  • Promotes Green building


Korofloat™ EPS Flotation (buoyancy) billets are made from expanded polystyrene and are extremely buoyant. Each cubic foor will float 55 lbs. It is the most cost effective flotation material in the market.

Korofloat™ buoyancy billets are molded and shaped to your specific needs, whether it is a floating home, golf tee, boat dock or helicport pad, our sales team is there to help you.

houseboat floatation floating golf green foam floating dock

Environmentally Safe

Korofloat™ EPS Flotation....

  • does not contain CFC, HCFC or HFC
  • is recyclable
  • does not contain formaldehyde
  • non toxic and inert

floating helidock Government Port of Vancouver Heliport

Constructed by Dillingham Construction Ltd. Korofloat™ Expanded Polystyrene  buoyancy  billets were supplied and installed in the helicopter floating pad, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, by Mansonville Plastics (BC) Ltd. The floating landing pad can hold up to five helicopters. The pad is approximately 110 ft (33.53 m) wide, 5 ft (1.52 m) deep and 130 ft (39.62 m) long. Over 2 million board feet of expanded polystyrene materials was installed.

probe moulding

Mansonville Plastics (BC) Ltd is also pleased to offer probe moulding to dock builders, to ensure your rotational molded polyethylene tanks are filled with expanded polystyrene for positive flotation for all your fish farm or recreational requirements.

Poly-Urethane High Performance Coating

For optimum service life, Korofloat™ buoyancy billets can be encapsulated with protective coatings, which will inhibit damage from wildlife and other chemical damage.

Poly-Urethane High Performance Coating - HT 90A-UV is a 100% solids polyurethane-urea hybrid coating. It is a coating designed to be an elastomeric protective coating for all substrates, providing excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.

Urethane dock coating

Urethane is frequently used as a coating on the Korofloat™ billets where the buoyancy  billets will be used in areas where petroleum based products are present. This inexpensive way of further protecting your floatation investment is applied at our production facility and is finished in a low-sheen yellow color.


foam insulation installation foam exterior finishing foam contour designed shape

Korolite rigid insulation is excellent for exterior insulated finishing systems. Mansonville Plastics (BC) Ltd. manufactures to the highest quality standards and is third party certified to ensure the quality standards are maintained.

When using this system the owners or architects are able to offer an insulation system that has no thermal breaks and variable R value dependant on the thickness of EPS material applied. When used with contour designed shapes or reveals, this system offers the most economical way to design a new building or retrofit an existing building. There is no need for structural strength reinforcement, decorative pieces can be added easily and quickly .

EPS keystones

We offer many unique products specially designed for builders and architects. Using expanding polystyrene for columns and decorator works, EPS offers unlimited design flexibility to aesthetically achieve almost any style required. Being lightweight, it is very easy to give a " new look " to an existing building.Our computerized cutting lines allow us to fabricate numerous contoured shapes for buildings such as: columns, keystones, quoins, window and door archways, moldings, headers and signage.

wall finishing foam pillars

EPS inverted mouldings

Korolite™ EPS can be used to make inverted mouldings. The inverted shapes can easily be added to the inside lining of boxing or form systems. The many and varied concretes, and aggregate based Resin systems, are complimented with fine detailing, and eye catching contour work. Whether for swimming pool surrounds, entrance ways, elaborate balconies, we can form the reverse shape to the design or specification required.

Mansonville Plastic has won several awards for our products, including our latest “Best Display Product” and “Best Medium sized Display” at the BC Home and Garden Show.

Canada Green Building Council Membership Certificate
Certified Member of the Canada Green Building Council